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Efforts to aid and rebuild Gaza

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Decades of the ongoing Palestine-Israel conflict and countless attacks to destroy Palestinian cities and villages, kill Palestinian civilians including children and occupy large parts of Palestinian land, have left Gaza demolished and in ruins and trauma. Qatar has aided Palestine with various charities, supporting the people especially in the most recent crisis in 2014.

Story of the first female Olympians of Qatar

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The 2012 Summer Olympics in London marked a watershed moment in the history of women’s sports in Qatar. It was the first time that the Qatar Olympic Committee sent four female athletes as part of its delegation. Nada Arakji - swimmer, Noor al-Malki - sprinter, Bahiya al-Hamad - air rifle shooter and Aya Majdi - table tennis player were the first women to represent Qatar in the Olympics.

Beach Hotels & Clubs For You

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Anushay T.Khan

Beach clubs and hotels you must try out at least once - then, pick a favorite!

Help Syria by eating out this Friday

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In the latest efforts to help the Syrian people, more than a dozen restaurants in Qatar have decided to donate the entire cash revenue on May 6, Friday. This money will be sent to help support all the Syrian people who are still stuck in the rebel-held city of Aleppo.

DNA Records Launches Celebrity DJ Juan Pestana

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Dana Alfardan, CEO of DNA Records, Qatar’s first record label, has confirmed her latest signing of celebrity DJ and producer, Juan Pestana, launched at an exclusive media event at Antica Pesa on April 28th, 2016. Juan’s debut performance, the DNA Records Take Over Event will also be hosted at The St. Regis Hotel, the finest address in Qatar. Juan Pestana and DNA Records will also be releasing Juan’s highly anticipated debut single, We are The Light, at the media event.

Take a peek at the best events in Qatar this week

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From fun events of food and dance to more serious ones, there are events happening all over Doha. Take your pick from ILQ’s list of events for the week.

Books meet beans at this great event

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Doha Tweetups, an online community group, are partnering with MEESH Me-time Cafe to bring bookworms a book swap this Saturday (7 May).

Enabling you to bring along your old books and swap them with other attendees, this event gives you the chance to restock your bookshelves without having to empty your wallet.

Under the Stars Programme ‘Zarafa’

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7 May / 7:30 pm

Stand-up Comedians Taking Over Qatar

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Anushay T.Khan

Taking over the country one joke at a time! Stand-up comedy is an actual thing in Qatar and finding performers that you can laugh along with is always a plus for anyone.